Wedding bells and stolen bikes

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Is that light on the western front? Not sure, but my sister Kate and her fella Paddy are getting married. How cool is that? She’s my little sister and any bloke that has any interest in her usually gets my deathly silence or a back-hander. But to my relief Paddy is the man. He’s a world champion in sidecar racing, proper sound lad and managed to put up with my sister for a good while now so I wish ’em all the best.


I reckon Guy and marriage won’t be coming any where soon, not as long as I’ve got a hole in my arse.  Reckon my Dad once said if i got married that’d be another man gone to waste, what do you reckon?


Oh, and no Megavalanch for me at the mo’. The farm was broken into the other day, all my bikes nicked, so thats my bonfire pissed on. Gone missing is a Scott Ransom 10, and an Orange 224 GBR, with all the trick Hope sponsored green stuff on, stuff you can’t buy. Any joy let me know please.