Another update from Guy

Alreet, recon it must be a year or two since i last did one of these. I’m still doing the doing the reverse Charles Darwin thing if you get my jist?. anything new with you? right ,i thought I’d send the lot who do the web site a load of new pics, i don’t get a look at the Internet …

July 2013 update

now then,   whats the latest your end? weathers making a change. right is that the small talk out of the way?   a fair bit to mention, most of these pics are a bit old but thought it’d be somets to put up here. some pics of jack frost new colour scheme on his top speed bike, nice brake …

Guy’s Facebook Question for February

  Guy Martin asks his first question of 2013 to his Facebook followers. Best answer in 100 words to https://www.facebook.com/guymartinracing by end February please