Going Fast

Fifth gear pinned and the thick end of 180 mph. Eyes focused on every minute detail of road ahead. Through villages, skimming kerbs – past lamp posts, stone walls and trees. Jumping for 30 metres or more, sucking rabbits from hedges. World class road racing’s a constant battle with a 210 bhp superbike that just wants to go in a straight line. This is what Guy does for fun.

Racing’s a buzz, not a job. But the adrenaline-fix passion doesn’t stop there. It also extends into the territory of lung-bursting, leg-burning mountain bike endurance events and vicious downhill races – like Mega Avalanche and Fort William. If it’s not a challenge to life, limb and sanity, then he’s just not interested.

Proper Job

As far as Guy’s concerned, the big picture’s not a career in TV or race team management but a life elbows deep in the guts of a Scania engine. The son of a truck mechanic remains a truck mechanic and will do for a long time yet. But Guy isn’t obsessed with only heavy-duty spanner work. He also possesses the expertise and finesse to meticulously assemble and tune cutting-edge racing bikes. Guy might be the only TT rider ever to set a lap record with an engine he tuned and built himself.

Film & TV

On screen, Guy is both natural and a natural. No scripts, no bull and one take – unless absolutely necessary. People see the same Guy on TV as they would if they visited him at home and when he gets involved, it’s always with something he’s genuinely fascinated in – he wouldn’t do it otherwise.

From world speed records, to Spitfire restoration Guy’s programmes are genuine and honest. You won’t see a poker face or stunt man in site.