Guy Martin’s Calendar 2016

From magic fish to Ducati’s secret test rider. Guy Martin’s once a year dip into the art world. The 2016 calendar sees him tie up with artist Ryan Quickfall for some personal, oddball pictures and photos from Guy’s head and world – available at Automatic entry to Guy’s prize draw, well done to all this year’s winners. JUST £10 with …


The bands I’m into and why being a mate of Ken Fox’s is handy

I went to see Sleaford Mods on the first and last night of their tour. I love my bands, but I’ve never done that before. They’re two normal blokes. Normal blokes you wouldn’t want to fall out with. They’re not mods. I don’t know how you’d describe their music. Jason Williamson is the front man and Andrew Fearn is the …


Performance Bikes – December issue

In this month’s (December issue) Performance Bikes Magazine Guy talks exclusively about riding his dream bike, the Britten V1000 –  plus there’s an extract from his new book – ‘When You Dead You Dead.’


The G-force had better be with me — or I‘m hitting the roof

DAFT things started to happen when all the Jeremy Clarkson stuff kicked off and it became clear he was getting the boot from Top Gear. Loads of rumours started that I was going to replace him. It was all a load of rubbish at first — just bookies putting out odds to get gullible people to part with their money …


Guy talks about his new book: ‘When You Dead, You Dead.’

“My new book comes out tomorrow and you might be wondering, Why do another book? I don’t know, is the honest answer. I’ve never approached anyone to do a book, they’ve always come to me. The money’s alright, but it wasn’t about the money. I enjoyed the process of writing the first one. It brought back a lot of memories. …